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Fic prompts, Requests & Ideas central

>> This is a public writing and commenting space for me to share my future fic ideas with everyone, all feedback and suggestions are welcomed
>> It is also a place for fic prompts and or, requests
>> If you have anymore suggestions, ideas, or anything else, leave a comment below or message me privately.
>> Note: In case you're not aware, all my EXO/k-fics will be posted at dualtimefaded from now on!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters that I write about, but all ideas and plot lines are mine and SHOULD NOT leave this commenting space for you to steal and copy. If an idea deeply inspires you and you would like to use it, please message me privately and ask politely.

Prompts & Requests:

  • Right now I'm taking any fic prompts/requests with Kris/Chanyeol, Matthew/Dominic, Jongin/Sehun, or anything exo really as the main pairing; leave your ideas/suggestions in the comments and I'll get back to you.

  • Note: I'm not the best smut writer... I most likely won't post too much of that, just small snippets here and there in a fic

  • Constructive criticism and general comments on how I can improve my writing are always welcome

  • IMPORTANT: If you have a fic idea or prompt regarding any of the sequels for the Fight or Flight series, comment here also!

That's it! happy requesting & suggesting everyone! thank you all for helping me

Tags: !information, ideas, prompts, requests
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