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Introductions: Biography + Friending post

The simplest way to get to know me and add me here on lj

— some things you should know:
+ hopelessly obsessed with anything that attracts me [2012: exo, 2013: muse, 2014: idk?]
+ passion in writing but don't plan on necessarily majoring in literature
+ rants & spams a lot in cathartic spurts, occasionally dies due to lack of updates
+ if you introduce yourself in the comments below, I will add you back

updated 06.17.15

so um, hi there.

before you read any further, this is me summed up in a couple of phrases:

music addict; alternative rock & indie; never sleeps; coffee crackhead; procrastinates until there's no tomorrow; fashion and thrifting; ninetten in Vancouver; involved in way too much crap; dining out with ma namjas; strives to be anti-social; but still loud & outgoing; occasional manga/anime & chinese dramas lover, muse & jason mraz are fucking gods (similar music taste as chanyeol lmfao)

- living in canada
- and im 100% of Chinese descent living with my half Chinese/Brazilian boyfriend and sassy British best friend since May 2014

curious to know more?

! the name is sophia -- my friends call me soya, and a lot of people mistakenly call me sophie (one of my pet peeves)

: I joined the kpop world early 2011 and in January 2013 I've decided to quit the exo fandom and kpop in general, but I still try my best to write fanfiction for exo sometimes, you can still read my old fics and expect new ones! however, I'm working on writing them at a slow, steady pace.
: yours truly is currently enrolled in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (lmfao Krissu) pursuing the conservation sciences program (who doesn't love trees right?)

: writing, reading novels, watching movies, music, the internet, early morning & afternoon coffee, nice lonely walks, food, cute asian things, thrifting, scrapbooking, nail polish, public speaking, dominic howard, clothesencounters, alternative rock, lipsticks, chinese shows
: korean music (indie): tablo, epik high, nell, urban zakapa, 10cm, dynamic duo, standing egg, clazziquai project, bumkey

: alternative music: muse, radiohead, coldplay, jason mraz, arctic monkeys, arcade fire, alt-j, the weeknd, kings of leon, lana del rey, passion pit, two door cinema club, vampire weekend, half moon run, the xx, phoenix, of monsters and men, silversun pickups, franz ferdinand, placebo, the smiths, portishead, bombay bicycle club, james blake, the vaccines, kasabian, nirvana, interpol, bastille, empire of the sun, city and color, smashing pumpkins, the naked and famous,

: seen live: marianas trench - july 2011 |muse - february 2013 | imagine dragons - may 2013 | vampire weekend - august 2013 | the naked and famous - oct 20 2013 | empire of the sun - oct 22 2013 | two door cinema club - oct 25 2013 | arctic monkeys - december 2013 | the 1975 - april 2014 | half moon run - may 2014 | city and colour - may 2014 | lana del rey - may 2014 | the neighborhood - june 2014
[all available on my listography:]
✇: movies: spiderman franchise, all harry potter films, 50 first dates, sherlock holmes, the dark knight trilogy, limitless, hear me, shake hands with the devil, looper
✇: english tv shows: (honestly
I don't really watch TV so this more of a to-do list kinda) the big bang theory, game of thrones, sherlock, orange is the new black, breaking bad sequel that's coming out b/c i'm too lazy to watch all of breaking bad, the tudors
✇: chinese tv shows: 赏金猎人,隨唐英雄传,青蛙王子,新水浒传,成人记,宫锁珠帘,翻滚吧!阿信,夏日乐悠悠,寒战,牵牛的夏天,笑傲江湖,西厢记,欢喜婆婆俏媳妇

personality: outgoing, impatient, always piles way too much on my plate, i can bottle things in really well but at the same time can be a big mouth, incredibly chill (srsly), dedicated but confused, procrastinates until the meaning of procrastination doesn't even exist anymore

if you want to dig a little deeper: guess you could say that I like the memorable moments & things in life. My emotions always override my brain when it comes to decision making and I over-analyze scrutinize every possible detail; making me constantly frustrated, and chronically, sad? Or happy, or maybe just a mix of both...

a little bit about this journal: it deeply bothers me how intelligence is such an important factor to swear by, because I am not intelligent, nor am I particularly talented. I'm just me. and there are far too many people in this world that can't accept me for who I am.  therefore this journal in the corner of the internet is the only place where I can vent, write, cry and just be me. this is the only haven for me on this entire planet and that's quite sad, isn't it?

- - -

if you ever want to find me, the best way would probably be through my blogs (personal tumblr | wordpress | writing blog) or my personal twitter. for more links, here is my flavors page.

thanks for reading this far and checking out my fics, so now it's your turn! comment below with anything you like! perhaps these topics will interest you?

  • name

  • musical tastes

  • hobbies

  • favorite tv shows, movies, books, actors, etc

  • where are you from?

  • your sns (social networks) links

  • and anything else really

much ♥, vindicatexo

p.s: i'll add back anyone who comments here and introduces themselves really, so don't be shy!
*gif credit to nihaozitao on tumblr

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